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Conversion: A New Trend in Commercial Real Estate

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about some major shifts in the real estate landscape, with more office spaces sitting empty than ever before. At the same time, there is a housing shortage in the United States, creating an interesting opportunity to convert these vacant offices into much-needed residential housing.

Converting empty office spaces into residential living seems like a win-win solution to two pressing issues: unused commercial real estate and a shortage of housing units. However there are numerous hurdles to overcome in this process. From zoning regulations to building codes to financing challenges, converting offices into residential units is not straightforward, in fact it is a daunting process, particularly in California.

The Key Challenges Are:

Legal Aspects of Zoning Changes

Design & Layout Building Code Requirements

Conversion Costs are High and Lenders are Hesitant

Despite these challenges, there are Conversion success stories that have been profitable and successful. With careful planning, innovative design solutions, and a thorough understanding of local regulations, developers can overcome obstacles and tap into this emerging trend in real estate. Converting empty office spaces into residential living has the potential to revitalize urban areas, increase housing supply, and meet the evolving needs of communities.

While there are certainly hurdles involved in this process, creative solutions and strategic planning can help unlock the potential of underutilized Commercial Real Estate assets.

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Christy Westphal

Commercial Real Estate Specialist


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