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Welcome to the Vibrant World of Long Beach Commercial Real Estate!

Greetings! I'm Christy Westphal, your local commercial real estate expert from CENTURY 21 Masters Commercial. With years of experience and a deep passion for helping clients navigate the complex world of commercial real estate, I'm here to be your trusted guide.

Why Long Beach?

Long Beach, located in the heart of Southern California, offers incredible opportunities for investors and business owners alike. Its strategic location, diverse economy, and thriving business community make it a prime spot for commercial real estate. Whether you're looking to lease office space, purchase a retail property, invest in multi-unit buildings, or explore industrial and warehouse spaces, Long Beach has something for everyone.

Strategic Location

Long Beach boasts excellent connectivity via major highways, ports, and airports. As a prominent port city, Long Beach is home to the second-busiest container port in the United States. This makes it an ideal hub for businesses in logistics, trade, and services. The city's infrastructure is designed to support a wide range of commercial activities, ensuring that your business can thrive here.

Economic Diversity

Long Beach's economy is robust and diverse, encompassing industries such as healthcare, education, technology, and manufacturing. This economic diversity helps stabilize the market and provides a wealth of opportunities for commercial real estate investors. No matter what industry you're in, Long Beach has the resources and talent pool to support your business.

Business-Friendly Environment

The city offers various incentives and support for businesses, including tax breaks and grants. The local government is proactive in attracting and retaining businesses, creating a conducive environment for commercial growth. With its business-friendly policies, Long Beach is the perfect place to start or expand your business.

Key Market Trends

  • Rising Demand for Office Spaces: With many businesses looking to expand or relocate, the demand for office spaces in Long Beach is on the rise. Downtown Long Beach, in particular, is becoming a hotspot for tech startups and creative agencies.

  • Growth in Retail Sector: The retail sector in Long Beach is experiencing growth, driven by a strong local economy and increasing consumer spending. Key areas like Belmont Shore and The Pike Outlets are bustling with activity.

  • Multi-Unit Property Investments: Investors are showing a growing interest in multi-unit properties, driven by the high demand for rental spaces in the city. These properties offer steady rental income and long-term appreciation potential.

Long Beach is a dynamic market with tremendous potential for commercial real estate. Whether you're an investor looking for your next big opportunity or a business owner seeking the perfect location, Long Beach offers a wealth of possibilities. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into specific areas, market insights, and investment strategies in our upcoming blog posts!

Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey. If you have any questions or need personalized assistance, don't hesitate to contact me at (562) 294-1838 or via email at

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